Monday, June 12, 2006


so ive decided to try out this whole blogging thing.... after my boyfriend always decided it was ohh so funny to make fun of it all the fuckin time. i decided to make one to piss him off even more!! :] i love you too honey!! hah

but anyways...hmm...
i never really determined what exactly is to be made up of these BLOGS. what an odd name to be named in the first place. like what exactly are you supose to write about in these things. sure it is whatever i want...but theres just SO much i could include. do i really want everyone in the world to be able to preveiw and have an up front veiw of what exactly is going on in my head this very moment? yes. only on some occasions tho.
on that note..
my life, well right now is very good. besides living in my parents house and all...which of course is a pleasure since theyre fuckin doushe bags, everything else is wonderful and i've never been happier. for once in my life i'm not a cold, lonely sonofabitch. im very content with everything between me and my significant other :] and i know he feels the same way. its like a whole-nother world, him and me. amazing and unexplainable, at least not for this blog.

i start my new job as an accounting intern tomrrow. im pretty excited about this. having my own office with a DOOR AND WINDOW! definetly a step of from wearing a stains tshirt and having to deal with old ppl yelling at me abotu their goddamn shit they are buying from Steins.

so this concludes this days blog.


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